Our returns process

We offer professional returns management. With odc, the tiresome issue is transformed into a transparent process.


Digital or analog - you decide

At odc, you have different possibilities to handle returns management. If you opt for the digital version, you will receive information about returns at an early stage.

Your customers can easily return online via our user-friendly returns portal. In the returns portal you can store your own company logo and individually configurable return reasons. These are displayed to your customers for selection as soon as they wish to return online. This gives you early information on the type, quantity and condition of the returned items.

a) Returns via returns portal
You can send your customers the link to our odc returns portal (e.g. in an order confirmation e-mail) so that they can return online if required. They can print the digital return label themselves.

b) Returns on request
Alternatively, you can decide to send your customers the return label on request only. This ensures even greater control over the returns process.

c) Returns via printed label
Upon request, we will enclose a printed return label with each parcel.



The incoming return is accepted and checked.

Each return is accepted, identified, and checked for completeness and within the framework of an ABC-classification. This means that the articles are checked for their condition. You can coordinate with us the further processing of the return in the respective condition.

Condition A usually means new or as good as new, condition B indicates a defect such as the opening of a product. In condition C, the goods are usually no longer suitable for sale.


The returned goods will be processed by us.

Depending on the condition of the goods, it is either re-stored and suitable for resale, or withdrawn from sale due to defects. The latter items may be returned to you or your manufacturer.



Fashion reconditioning

We offer high-quality reconditioning and preparation services for fashion goods. From cleaning with or without washing, ironing, smoothing to sewing, we prepare your articles for resale. We are the perfect fulfillment partner for your fashion e-commerce!