Our odc portal

Customers are enabled to control logistics processes via the odc portal. The portal is constantly being expanded with new functions so that customers can regularly benefit from new logistics options.

odc portal dashboard
The dashboard gives you a quick overview of the most important key figures such as total number of orders, orders per day or number of invalid orders.
After we have imported your article data from your shop or ERP system, you can view all articles in the portal and, if necessary, enrich or change the existing data.
A five-step process guides you through the correct notification and delivery of goods. You will also see all previous deliveries in the portal. We can also provide you with a csv upload, which simplifies your effort, especially for a high number of SKUs.
When we have imported your article data and received the first delivery, you can see the current stock of your goods in the portal. We usually write back this stock to your system several times a day.
All transmitted and processed orders at a glance. You have the possibility to filter your orders according to certain criteria. In that way, you have e.g. all invalid orders displayed and thereby you are able to immediately resolve possible causes of problems.
In the returns area of the portal, all returns registered so far are displayed. Above that you may defined that customers must request a return via you and you create the return label for them. In this way, you ensure full control over your returns.

Overview of your orders

Your orders will be automatically and minutely imported from your system for further processing. In the portal, we show you all orders in the different order statuses. This allows you to see whether an order has been received, has been checked against various validation mechanisms, is in the process of being picked or has already been dispatched.

Of course, you will receive the corresponding tracking numbers for you and your end customers for all shipping products with tracking. You also have the possibility to search or filter for specific orders. For example, you can filter for all invalid orders and immediately resolve corresponding problems so that we can further process the orders.

In addition, we can create individual business rules for you: For example, a specified flyer or sample will be automatically attached to a specific item or order source.

  • Automatic, minutely import of the order from your system
  • Order status traceable in the individual work steps
  • Tracking numbers for your customers
  • Customer-specific business rules configura
  • Validation mechanisms, e.g. address validation