Our onboarding

At odc, customers benefit from fast and easy onboarding processes.


Get started with odc, now

We welcome you and send you detailed information about our onboarding – with us, you will be live in 7-10 working days and from then on we will process your orders.

In order to make the storage of your goods as fair and transparent as possible, we charge by volume. In that way, you don’t pay for nothing, but only for goods that are really stored.

When you grow and your requirements become more demanding, you are welcome to move to the next level of our flexible pricing model and benefit from staggered pricing and exclusive customer services. Find out more about our service packages here.

What does optimal scalability mean for you? If you grow, we grow with you. If you experience fluctuations in demand, you don’t have to worry about temporarily missing shipment volume. With us, you benefit from flexible capacity provision – for a dynamic, sustainable growth of your e-commerce.

odc - Technisches Onboarding


Fast connection of your system

After signing the contract, we connect your chosen ERP or shop system within minutes and connect you to the odc platform. There, you have full control and overview of your orders as well as your stock.

Our IT specialists have developed a comprehensive platform as a cloud solution. For you, this means that the data is synchronized almost in real time and you can access the platform from anywhere. Further information about the portal can be found here.

Various free standard integrations are available for you. Our odc platform connects the most relevant ERP and shop systems as well as marketplaces via performant and powerful interfaces. Discover our entire portfolio of integrations here.

With odc, you can start quickly and easily. After signing the contract, you’ll be live and ready to go in only a few days. The better your data is maintained, the faster the process will take place.


Send your goods to us

After you have notified your goods via the odc portal, you can deliver them to the location of our warehouse network assigned to you.

We have a flexible and demand-oriented warehouse network that always provides you with sufficient capacity and enables scalable growth. You get access to several warehouse locations throughout Germany. In that way, you are even closer to your customers! You can find more information about the warehouse locations here.

Operatives Onboarding