Our integrated interfaces

We have developed high-performance standard integrations for a variety of ERP and shop systems as well as market places allowing automatic order processing.

ERPs, shops and market places


Professional cloud ERP system and e-commerce solution for the automation of all relevant online trading processes and optimization of the entire workflow.


Versatile cloud ERP system for small and medium-sized companies for order processing, merchandise management and automation in multichannel sales.


Industry-independent cloud-ERP, -MMS and -CRM for the administration of customer, order and article data as well as the associated processes such as accounting and invoicing.


With the SaaS solution TB.One, merchants have a central overview of all B2C activities and access to up to 80 marketplaces via integrated interfaces.


Widespread SaaS solution for SMBs to create a professional webshop according to the modular principle and to design it individually with the help of many apps and extensions.


Professional and very versatile e-commerce shop system, which is designed for companies of all sizes. Shopware is available as commercial as well as open-source version.


Established open-source plug-in for the CMS WordPress, which adds an online shop to the website. Can be customized as desired with a variety of free and chargeable extensions.


Open-source online shop system from France, which is suitable for e-commerce of any size. It can be individually configured with a multitude of (chargeable) themes, modules and extensions.


One of the best addresses in the German e-commerce market.


International retailer and marketplace with a wide range of services for brands and retailers.
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ERP system and MMS for online retailers with connection of fulfillment network offering access to various fulfillment services.


Versatile merchandize management system including an app center, which allows to expand the system with various applications such as fulfillment by odc.

coming soon


ERP software as cloud solution.

Your system is not included?

If we cannot provide a standard interface for your ERP or shop system, you can easily connect to us via our public API.

Please, feel free to quote a request and let yourself being advised from our sales team without obligation.

In order to handle your fulfillment smoothly and process your orders, we connect to your ERP or shop system.

As soon as you are connected to our odc platform, you have full control and overview of your stock and your orders from the moment they are received until they are delivered to the end customer. With all system integrations, you are connected within a few minutes and do not need any technical knowledge for this onboarding. Our team will be happy to assist you with the connection and answer all your questions.