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Thanks to our service packages you always have the possibility to book a personal contact person. If you want to find out more, inform yourself about the service packages here and request a non-binding offer.

Technical onboarding is completed within a few minutes and without prior technical knowledge. Due to the many standard interfaces, you are quickly connected as a customer.

This is not necessary as we offer you numerous standard interfaces and a public API. You can find a list of all interfaces here.

Usually you will be live within 7-10 working days. This depends on the technical system and the amount of goods delivered.

Due to our late cut-off times, you can use odc services to process “Prime by Merchant”.

Due to our late cut-off times, you can use odc services to process “eBay Plus”.

Thanks to the service packages that odc offers you, it is also possible to refill the Amazon warehouse. Please contact our sales team for further information.

odc is liable for all damages to your goods for which we are responsible (e.g. due to improper storage). Your goods are not insured against force majeure, e.g. natural disasters. Property insurance is recommended here.

Displays have to be delivered preassembled to odc.

Currently odc does not offer a service for this issue.



Pick & Pack

A delivery note can be enclosed with the parcel. This must be provided from your ERP system.

An invoice can be enclosed with the package. This must be provided from your ERP system.

Yes, you can add as many flyers or samples per order as you wish. The price equals the pick price.

We can pack your goods in polybags during the incoming goods process. There is an extra charge for this.

Currently odc does not offer any service for this issue.

For outgoing parcels there are some possibilities of individualization. Please feel free to contact our sales team.

The item is the tray or storage location where your item is located. The item is your physical article that is picked at the respective storage location.

You can use your own cardboard box. You just need to deliver them. Afterwards they will be stored and picked with every order. You don’t have to pay for our cardboard box, only the pick-up price is charged.

We offer a total of seven different sizes to perfectly meet your needs.




We currently offer Hermes, DPD, DHL, DHL Express, Deutsche Post and ParcelOne.

With odc, you can ship all over Europe as well as worldwide.

All orders sent to non-EU countries are held back in the odc portal until the customs document has been deposited. In this way, we prevent uncleared parcels from being sent. You can upload the customs document to the odc portal. We can take over this service for you.

odc offers you very attractive shipping rates. Please contact our sales team.

We have cut-off times of 16:00 at almost all of our locations. This means that orders are processed on the same day. With our cut-off times, we meet the standards for Amazon Prime and eBay Plus.

Standard shipping in Germany usually takes 1-3 working days.

odc also offers you the possibility to send your goods in plastic mailing bags.

As standard, packages up to 120 x 60 x 60cm and a maximum weight of 31.5kg can be shipped. In the case of an overlength of maximum 175cm length and a girth measurement of 300cm, a surcharge applies.




The good news is: We take care of the correct storage of your goods. That’s why you pay volume-based and don’t have to worry about the efficient and professional storage of your products.

The odc operations team will select the best location for you based on your product category, requirements and preferences.

We will choose one warehouse location that suits your requirements. Therefore, you always know where your goods are.

A visit to the warehouse is only possible in exceptional cases.

You notify your goods simply and uncomplicatedly via the odc portal. There, you can see all your articles and can select the articles, which will be sent to us. Our delivery guidelines guarantee a smooth process and prevent additional costs for you. You will receive our guideline during onboarding.

We currently do not offer a customs warehouse.



Product requirements

Your articles need a unique barcode, which should have a maximum of thirteen digits. We can provide this service for you for a fee.

The geodata reflect the dimensions of the individual article. They must be stored in your system for your products. We can record this data for you for a fee.

Packages up to a standard size of 120x60x60cm and a maximum weight of 31.5kg can be sent.

Currently, odc does not offer any service for furniture.

Currently, odc does not offer any service for dangerous goods.

Spirits can only be shipped via odc if the goods are securely delivered in ready-to-ship cartons.

Currently, odc does not offer any service for fresh food.

Currently, odc does not offer a service for chilled goods.




If you wish, odc can overtake your returns management. As standard, you can always use the odc returns portal, where the end customer generates a digital returns label using his e-mail address and prints it out himself. In addition, we offer you the option of enclosing a return label with each package.

Currently, this service is not offered without the fulfillment service.

odc offers a broad portfolio in the field of fashion reconditioning and preparation. Please feel free to contact the sales team.

Currently, odc does not offer any service for this.

odc can destroy or dispose of your goods if desired. We will discuss the individual handling of returns with you in the onboarding process.




We need to connect to your system so that we can draw your order automatically.

You can find a list of the available interfaces here.

You can connect via a public API. We will provide you with the access. The integration into your system has to be done by yourself.

A system change is possible at any time. However, there will be additional costs. Contact the sales team for further information.




At odc, you can start without a basic fee. The first costs are incurred at goods acceptance. Then, there are costs for storage, pick & pack and the shipping label.

With odc, you always have the possibility to start with a service package without a basic fee. You do not have to send a minimum quantity.

Due to our service packages, it is possible to access attractive price scales with increasing shipping volume. Our sales team will be happy to advise you which package is the right one for you.

The return costs are only incurred once your customer has activated the return label in the parcel shop. In case of actual returnment, there are the costs for the acceptance of the returns, the checking and the re-storage.



We want you to feel well informed before you request a quote and choose us as your fulfillment partner. Therefore, we have compiled the questions above for you.

If you could not find your answers to your questions, please contact us.