Relaunch customer portal: EMMA

We just finished an early spring cleaning and replaced our old odc-portal in September. The new customer portal EMMA does not only look nicer, but also brings along new features:

Dashboard & KPIs
Now, you can configure your personal dashboard yourself by adding and customizing various widgets. In addition to a monthly overview, we also provide a weekly overview. This way, you always keep an eye on the most important KPIs. We will expand the selection according to the needs of our customers.

Transparency & UX
Another important point was the creation of more transparency and user-friendliness. Therefore, we have streamlined the structures, added more status messages, automatic notifications, multi-select options and much more. For example, all articles, deliveries and orders can be filtered according to various criteria with just one click.

New Features
We have also developed new functions. For example, you can explore guided tours through EMMA and will be informed about all new features and optimizations within the update feed. With a little technical sophistication, you have options for independent article editing such as bundle creation or article linking – this almost makes EMMA the little sister of an ERP.

Voices from our Development Team
“Our product development is always driven forward in close cooperation with our customers”, says Marian Mehrkens, Head of IT. “We already started in July into a beta phase with a few selected customers and have further developed EMMA according to their needs.”

Of course, we will continue to incorporate customer feedback into our product optimization process. “Actually, I absolutely enjoy reading feedback from our customers and then thinking about a technical solution”, adds Sahar Alimi-Claußen, the responsible product owner.

“In the short and medium term, the focus is on additional self-services and KPIs for measuring and monitoring day-to-day business”, says CTO Torben Irmer. What does that mean? “The KPI dashboard will make it possible to identify delays in the automated process early and to remedy them directly. In that way, our customers are enabled to act autonomously. The result of this product strategy is an increase in process transparency and speed.”

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