DHL GoGreen becomes the standard at odc

Starting in July, the logistics company odc will ship all DHL shipments via the environmental protection program DHL GoGreen. In addition to the use of recyclable packaging and filling material, this change is a further step towards an environmentally friendly logistics chain.

Growing demand for “green” logistics
For many companies across all industries, it is now a declared goal to create a more sustainable value chain. Sustainability is also an important part of the Otto Group’s corporate strategy, which also includes all portfolio companies. Likewise, odc is working on a sustainability strategy, according to which particularly ecological effects are to be reduced. This, incidentally, reflects customer demand: more and more online retailers and brands are placing value on ‘green’ logistics and are actively requesting services to this effect.

Changeover to DHL GoGreen
Since the beginning of the business, recyclable paper has been used for cardboard packaging and filling material in order to guarantee the recycling of materials. Now, odc is converting all DHL shipments to DHL GoGreen. “With DHL GoGreen we want to take another step towards sustainability. For us, however, it is quite clear that there is still room for improvement. It is not a question of whether, but when we will implement further measures”, says Torben Lenhart, COO of odc. Other solutions such as tape made of paper are currently being discussed.

According to DHL, when shipping with DHL GoGreen, transport-related CO2 emissions are calculated and offset by internal and external CO2 reduction projects. The offsetting is done through internationally recognized climate protection projects, which, for example, aim to use renewable energies or minimize the use of firewood.

In addition, the Hermes WE DO! programme has been supported for some time now. With this programme, Hermes aims to organise its transports in such a way as to conserve resources as far as possible. This is made possible, among other things, by efficient planning of locations, fleet modernisation and the use of emission-free vehicles.

No additional costs for customers
With the changeover, no additional costs will arise for the customers of odc. “We are taking this step because of our own conviction and want to take responsibility. Within the Otto Group, the idea of ‘responsible commerce that inspires’ is deeply rooted in the company’s philosophy,” says Christian Athen, CEO of odc.

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