#meetodc: Mirco Swarat

Openness, transparency and above all a sense of continuous development: Mirco Swarat finds these qualifications particularly important for his job. In the interview, he gives us an insight into the tasks of a sales manager and tells us what teamwork means to him.

Who are you?
My name is Mirco Swarat and I have been working for odc as a Sales Manager since mid-January. I originally come from the freight forwarding business and after my apprenticeship as a forwarding and logistics manager I was taken on in my training company in the area of customer service and inside sales. There I could gain my first sales experiences. Afterwards I changed to the forwarding field service before I finally made the step into the trade two years ago.

How did you come to odc?
Before I came to odc, I was Global Supply Chain Manager at a company that is a supplier for airlines. We supplied the airlines with onboard equipment, i.e. trays, cutlery, cups, trolleys and crew equipment. So everything that surrounds you when you fly. From there I came to odc. I was tempted to work in a start-up with a promising project and vision, where ideas are listened to and at best implemented. It is a family atmosphere – from intern to management – exactly what I was looking for.

What are your tasks as Sales Manager?
First and foremost I am responsible for communication with new customers. This includes the initial contact, conducting preliminary talks, evaluating what the customer’s requirements are and whether we can meet them, right up to the conclusion of the contract. It is particularly important to me to smoothly transfer the customer, including all relevant information, to the onboarding process and thus to Customer Service, which takes over support for existing customers.

Through my numerous conversations and contacts, I notice both privately and professionally how the market is opening up more and more for future-oriented solutions. Digital solutions are becoming more and more popular – in the past this required more persuasion!

In addition, the public image of odc is an important issue for me. And currently I often hear customers saying that we were recommended. It is always gratifying that our customers trust us and pass this on. There is no better way to win potential customers.

What is the best thing about your job?
I don’t just work through my tasks monotonously, but often look beyond my own nose. With every task and every work process, the thought automatically comes to my mind: How can I develop it further to improve it for us and for the customers? We encourage this creative exchange within the team: At the beginning of each quarter we plan our “Objective and Key Results” (OKRs). Here we look at which operational goals we want to achieve in the short term – automation and process optimization are often the focus.

What qualities should a sales manager have?
You need an open, receptive manner to quickly develop a personal relationship with customers. In addition, you should not be satisfied so quickly, but always be motivated to develop yourself and especially the company further.

What is good teamwork for you?
For me, good teamwork means to create transparency among each other about the tasks. This is the only way to ensure a balanced distribution of work, to support each other and also to take on tasks when someone is overloaded. For me, what counts is always working together and for each other, instead of fighting each other with many lone fighters.

…and would you say that in your team there is this kind of cooperation?
Absolutely. Not only in the “A-Team”, as we call our department team of marketing, sales and customer service. You are also in constant exchange with the other teams and feel the support both on a professional and private level.

What else would you like to experience in your life?
My biggest dream is a trip around the world. South and North America, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand would then already be fixed destinations. One day I will make this dream come true, even if it might not be until my retirement.

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