8 Tips for successful working in home office

1. Set fixed working hours for the right work-life balance
Many employers may now be worried that the home office will reduce employee productivity. But for quite a few, the opposite is true. If there’s no workroom, the workplace is set up in the living room – with the laptop only an arm’s length away at all times. To be able to enjoy your after-work hours, set fixed working hours and clear the workspace in the evening.

2. No pyjamas at work.
…you wouldn’t go to the office like that either, would you?

3. Start with a warm up call with the team.
Starting the day with a daily not only promotes team spirit. The biggest challenge of working in separate locations is proper communication. In a daily warm up call you can discuss the status of your work and tasks for the day.

4. Exercise and fresh air are important for your well-being.
Actually, this is a matter of course, but in the home office you must always remember: Regular exercise is essential for your health. So why not use your lunch break for a walk, get some fresh air and soak up the sun?

5. Use digital tools for team work.
Agile project management à la Scrum, Kanban or OKRs is no longer a novelty. Tools like Trello, Miro or Jira support the workflow. For collaborative work on shared documents, Google Suite or Microsoft Office 365 is recommended, for general communication Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangout Calls.

6. Change the status message in Messenger
To let your colleagues know if you’re on an important call or on your lunch break, set your status accordingly. Because as I said: communication is the key.

7. Deliberately build breaks into the working day.
It is quite normal and independent of the working environment that the brain can’t concentrate for more than one or two hours before taking a break. In home office, this could be virtually spent with your favourite colleagues via video call.

8. Sparring with the “new” colleague.
Two in the home office is one too many? It doesn’t have to be that way. Let each other be carried away by the productivity of the other and use the advantages of the home office for sparring: As an outsider, your partner has a different view of your projects and maybe one or two suggestions for improvement – of course only, if the contents are not strictly confidential.

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