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You better learn…during working hours!

The effects of digitization are omnipresent – and are particularly noticeable in the area of human capital. Established professions are disappearing and job profiles are changing under the influence of new technologies. Companies and employees alike must respond proactively to the changing work requirements. Digitalization therefore requires all those involved to rethink their approach.

Internal training instead of external know-how
The drivers of digitization such as innovative technologies and the immense power of ever smaller processors mean that companies and entire industries will have to reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant tomorrow. Low unemployment rates and the omnipresent shortage of skilled workers also make it difficult to bring the necessary expertise for this change into companies via new employees. Instead of generating the know-how externally, many rely on the further training of existing employees (see Human Capital Trends by Deloitte, 2019). In order to meet these challenges adequately, it is not advisable to rely on rigid learning formats and frontal teaching. Instead, a new culture of integral and lifelong learning should be established that is lived from C-level to the individual employee.

The key to success: A new mindset
New further training opportunities alone do not create a learning culture. We need a new mindset that encourages every employee to take responsibility for his or her own continuing education. Learning reduces insecurity by helping employees to adapt more adequately to work-related changes. An important key to the success of these programs is to actually integrate learning into the daily work routine and also to enable employees to learn at their own pace. Through an online learning portal, content can be accessed on-demand and adapted to eyeryone’s own schedule.

TechUcation – An initiative of the Otto Group
With “TechUcation” we are taking over responsibility as part of the Otto Group. The learning initiative enables all employees within the Group to develop a common basic understanding of digitization and to take the next step towards a learning culture that motivates self-organised learning.

The result is a video-based e-learning platform that conveys comprehensive basic knowledge about the subject areas of digitisation such as cybercrime, blockchain or artificial intelligence. In addition to an eight-hour basic course, which all colleagues complete, in-depth lessons are available, which are continuously expanded and updated. In more than 100 video lessons, presented by top-class experts from science and business, new things can be discovered and existing knowledge deepened – regardless of the subject area or level of knowledge.

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