#meetodc: Wai Yan So

Finding solutions for our customers’ problems and improving our system: In this interview, Wai Yan tells us all about her tasks as a software engineer and what she likes best about working at odc.

Who are You?
I am Wai Yan, 25 years old, from Hong Kong. In July 2018, I moved to Germany and lived in Berlin for a while before I came to Hamburg for my new job as a software engineer at odc. I instantly fell in love with the city because it reminds me of my home. In my free time, I like to develop mobile apps and websites and also work on my German.

How did you get to logistics and to odc?
That is quite a long story, but to sum it up: When I was young, I really loved to read and watch “One Piece”, a cartoon that takes place in the sea. This is why I chose a job at a big shipmen company in Hongkong after my studies of computer science. During that job, I worked with a lot of clients from Europe and got to know German customers as well. I really liked working with them, so when I was looking for a new job, I decided to come to Germany.

Last year, I started off with a part time job in Berlin, but I was always looking for a permanent job at a smaller company, because I wanted to learn more about the whole process of logistics, get to know the bigger picture and backstory. So, the job at odc was a perfect match.

What are your tasks as Software Engineer?
I mainly work on the interfaces between the odc platform and the ERP systems of our customers. I usually receive my requirements from the responsible product owner as a written task. Then the first step for me is to find a solution on how we can achieve the customers’ wants and needs. For example, by developing a new interface or developing further already existing interfaces. In a second step, I think about how to program the solution and implement it into our system.

What is the best thing about your work?
No two days are the same. I like how I get to work on challenging problems every day and find the solution to a new, different puzzle. It never gets boring.

Is there anything in your daily work that you would like to change?
I have only been working here for three months. So, everything is still so new, interesting and exciting that I would not want to miss anything.

Why do you do what you do?
What motivates me most, are the people I work with at odc. I always wanted to work in an open environment with young people from a lot of different cultures. I really like how everyone has so many new ideas and how we share our knowledge with each other.

What skills should someone have if he/ she wants to become Software Engineer?
A lot of people probably think that being a software engineer is all about technical skills. In my opinion, that is not the most important thing because you can always learn that. For me, serenity is the key to becoming a good software engineer. The job can be quite stressful but in order to solve the problems that you face in your daily work you have to be able to calm down, take a step back and use your clear mind to analyze the problem first.

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