New Integration to JTL

What is the JTL Fulfillment Network?
For many online retailers, fulfillment is still the bottleneck in their value chain. Fast warehouse and dispatch logistics are essential for a positive customer experience with the brand. Ambitious retailers and brands who want to grow dynamically and be successful in business can easily outsource logistics and focus on their product development and marketing again.

This is where the JTL Fulfillment Network comes in. The platform was launched in September and gives retailers and brands access to a wide range of services from verified logistics partners – one of the partners is odc. The JTL Fulfillment Network 2.0 is not only available in JTL-Wawi 1.5, but also functions as an open system that can be connected to third-party systems.

How can I use the odc services now?
All brands and retailers – no matter which system is used – can submit requests to fulfillment service providers such as odc via the platform. All you have to do is to register, select the appropriate warehouse and make an enquiry. The further details will be clarified directly with us as fulfiller. Afterwards, we can already start with the onboarding!

Free webinar by odc on 26.11.
On 26.11., we will take you to our world of logistics via webinar. In order to give you a better idea of the cooperation, our Sales Manager Kosta will explain to you how you can use the network optimally and which advantages result for you as a retailer. The webinar is hosted by JTL. You can find the registration link here. Be there and ask your questions!

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