10 tips for online trading during Christmas season

The annual Christmas season is just around the corner – are you ready for record sales? In the fourth quarter of last year 2018, a record turnover of almost 20 billion euros was achieved by the German online trade. According to the current forecast of the Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland (BEVH), this year, the online trade will even exceed the previous year’s figures and will conclude this year’s Christmas business with a brilliant result. Black Friday on 29 November will be a prelude to the classic Christmas business. The campaign day originated from the USA and meanwhile has established itself as one of the most important and highest-turnover days in German online trading as well. Retailers usually attract customers with particularly low-cost or exclusive offers. By the way, the name “Black Friday” is protected by trademark law. The best strategy here is a creative play on words that includes your brand at best. On 2 December, the little less popular Cyber Monday follows – the rules of the game are the same.

We’ll give you a few tips to prepare you even better for the coming weeks:

1. Create a campaign plan to keep track of pre-Christmas marketing activities. Prioritize the activities and set a focus. For example, the frequency of newsletters could be increased and new search engine ads with matching keywords could be booked.

2. Make sure that your server capacities are sufficient for the hopefully strong traffic on your website. There is nothing worse than a loss of sales resulting from a slow or not at all loading website and correspondingly frustrated customers.

3. Get your customers into shopping mood: The design of your web shop could be dressed up Christmassy or matching to Black Friday and in the navigation menu your customers will now find suitable theme pages and gift ideas – and of course, the website will be optimized for mobile use!

4. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers expect cheap deals and special offers. Start a sale or issue coupon codes.

5. Plan an Advent calendar competition that starts on December 1st.

6. Think about offers you can sell to last-minute shoppers shortly before Christmas. Vouchers that can be printed by the customers themselves fit perfect for this occasion.

7. To promote sales, you can decide to extend the return period.

8. Be sure to announce the last day of shipment and let your customers know to which point of time the shipments will arrive in time for Christmas.

9. If you have not yet outsourced your fulfillment in a scalable manner, plan additional staffing for picking and shipping orders.

10. Be ready for the time after Christmas. You are prepared for the high volume of returns by previously setting up a clean process for the returns process for your end customers, the returns processing and the returns credit note.

But there is also good news for the time after Christmas: The customers now redeem their gift vouchers! 🙂

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