Hit the ground running with team events

A startup stands and falls with its team: Only those who hold together as a team can achieve success together. This is why for many startups team-building measures are part of daily business life. At odc, team events also regularly take place – however, it is not a measure recommended by HR and enforced by C-Level to promote team spirit. The first “team events” were naturally created in the early days and had not yet been described as such. Why should you title an after-work beer among colleagues? Nonetheless, the bigger the team became, the more organization was needed and the more it became a real event.

Nowadays, the team events have become an integral part. The events are organized by the team for the team: In small groups of two to three people, activities are planned on a monthly basis, often placing sporting competition in the foreground. Our previous events have already led us to Viking chess, mini golf, laser tag and our own odc Olympics, for which conventional office games were further developed with a certain twist.

If we want to take it easier, our comfortable “Nordtribüne” offering enough seats and beamer equipment for a best-of-Stromberg evening is available in our office. In addition, we have another common passion at odc: food. Therefore, before, during or after every team event, we often ordered pizza and Asian food or tested all kinds of delicacies on the Street Food Market.

We also spent our last team event feasting and with cool drinks enjoying best summer weather at the end of August in Central Park in the Schanze. Find out where we are heading next on our social media channels!

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