#meetodc: Frederike Mann

What does a Client Success Manager actually do? From customer care to process optimization: In an interview, our Client Success Manager Frederike reveals how she came to odc and logistics and what actually belongs to the daily routine of a Client Success Manager.

Who are you?
I am Frederike and since the middle of March I work as Client Success Manager at odc. I am born and raised in Bremen, but I always wanted to work in Hamburg. In my spare time I like to travel. So far I’ve been to South America a lot, but on my bucket list for the future are travelling through Japan and shipping through Antarctica with a container ship.

How did you get to logistics and to odc?
My mother and my grandfather both work in the logistics sector. The interest lies in the family, so to speak. After finishing school, I started my bachelor studies in Geography with a focus on Economic Geography and for my master studies, I finally specialized completely in the field of Economic Geography. Here, I already had contact points with logistics and e-commerce topics through seminars on e.g. flow of goods.

During an internship in the business development department of an international trade and logistics service provider, I really got to know the industry. I was taken on after the internship and worked in the department for three years as a Business Development Manager. After all, I was wishing for a new challenge and above all more operational tasks. The position as Client Success Manager at odc fitted exactly into my expectations.

What are your tasks as Client Success Manager?
On the whole, I make sure that our clients are happy and (as the title says) successful with their company through our support. This includes a wide range of tasks. For example, I take care of customer enquiries that are outside the day-to-day business and am the contact person for key accounts. I act as an interface between the customers and our team. For example, if an unscheduled problem occurs, I sit together with our experts to improve our processes and thus solve the problem. In that way, my job is a mixture of customer service, internal process optimization and project management.

What is the best thing about your work?
The best thing about my work for me is the closeness to the customer and the possibility to optimize and shape internal processes. Especially in comparison to my previous position, which was sometimes very theoretical and strategic, I am happy to be in close contact with our customers and the team every day, to define new goals together and to achieve them. I enjoy sitting together with different people and taking over the coordination. The icing on the cake is, of course, when we not only can solve our customers’ problems together, but also prevent future problems.

Is there anything in your daily work that you would like to change?
Sometimes I would like to save precious time and provide the customer with an immediate solution to a new requirement. At times like this, I wish I had enough IT knowledge to do the task myself.

Why do you do what you do?
In my job, I have the opportunity to initiate changes and thus not only optimize processes for our customers, but also advance internal issues. The best thing about it is that as a start-up we act very quickly and flexibly and tackle the pain points we encounter directly.

What should you bring with you to work as a Client Success Manager?
As a Client Success Manager, you always have to keep track of various customers, so a certain organizational talent is definitely an advantage. You should also enjoy working closely with your colleagues and clients every day. So this is not the right job for those who don’t like to write e-mails or make phone calls. Last but not least, you should be open-minded and enjoy finding new and better solutions again and again.

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