Wann sollte ich ein ERP-System für mein E-Commerce verwenden?

odc explains: “In what case should I use an ERP system for my e-commerce?

If the e-commerce business is handled solely via a shop system, one quickly restricts oneself to the online shop as the only sales channel. However, if a multi-channel strategy is desired, the implementation of an ERP system is recommended. The ERP system can be used to connect other sales channels, thus ensuring scalable growth. In addition, it offers significantly more automation and inventory management functions than a conventional shop system. The article master data can be maintained in the ERP and the shops and platforms synchronize the stored data. concerning the stock of goods, a certain stock can be blocked for certain channels . The ERP system often offers the ability to create integrated invoices and delivery notes. Overall, an integrated ERP system offers considerably better growth opportunities for e-commerce due to its higher functionality, higher automation options and multi-channel capability.

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