Neue Servicepakete bei odc

New service packages at odc

A central goal at odc is to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. We achieve this through a high level of service and orientation to customer needs. Recently, we have noticed an increased need for additional services and more intensive support. We therefore have further developed our pricing and compiled service packages to meet the needs of different customer groups.

Among other things, we now offer additional services such as pre-FBA services. In addition to classic mail support, support can also be booked by telephone or via a personal contact person. In addition, customers can freely choose from various carriers such as Hermes, DHL, DHL Express, DPD, Deutsche Post or ParcelOne, whereby odc offers exclusive shipping conditions for Hermes. Attractive staggered prices are also offered for pick & pack and other services.

The rate can be changed monthly to a higher one, allowing our clients to react promptly to potential growth. With the new packages, we aim to support our customers even more efficiently in their performance and meet the different needs of smaller and larger retailers likewise.

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