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New feature: Self-Onboarding for WooCommerce

After offering self-onboarding for plentymarkets and shopify, odc now also offers self-onboarding for WooCommerce. For this purpose, odc sets up an access to the odc portal for the customer and makes the access data available to him. The customer only needs to provide three pieces of information via the portal, which he inserts into the fields provided: the shop URL, the API key and the corresponding password. This key can easily be generated in the WooCommerce settings under REST API.

After the transmission of information, the customer is activated by odc on the same day and thereby is technically connected. Afterwards, odc imports the article master data. From this point on, the customer is able to notify his goods via the odc portal and deliver them to the assigned warehouse.

Self-onboarding offers the customer the advantage that it can be carried out independently of time and place and it reduces manual mail exchange. Self-onboardings are also gradually being developed for the other ERP and shop systems. Depending on the complexity of the system, we can offer an individual configuration – for example, for plentymarkets as a comprehensive ERP system, different parcel service providers can be defined for different order sources. The order status in which the order is to be processed by odc can also be configured individually for each customer.

If you have any questions about self-onboardings, please contact our team at info@ondemandcommerce.com.

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