Adressvalidierung als odc-Service

Address validation as odc service

Considering the high volume of orders we handle on a daily basis, it is not surprising that faulty orders are regularly entered into the system. At odc, about 15% of all orders contain incorrect address information.

Therefore, a validation process was developed to ensure that these incorrect orders are not further processed and that undeliverable orders are not returned to the retailer at his expense. As part of the address validation process, all orders are automatically checked for plausibility and corrected if necessary. If the street name is mistakenly given as a city or the mobile phone number as a postcode, an intelligent algorithm recognizes this error and corrects the relevant information. For example, if the entire postal code is missing, the order is stopped and an automated validation message is sent to the merchant.

Since last autumn, the odc service has included the automatic validation of end customer addresses. This feature reduces the need for manual intervention and the number of returns and avoids potential delays in delivery.

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