Delivery Guideline

In order to guarantee an optimal incoming goods process and to offer you the best possible service, we are continuously working on improving our procedures.

In the past, regarding the delivery and storage of goods, delays, misunderstandings and avoidable expenditures have frequently occurred causing additional costs in most cases. We have set up the odc delivery guideline to ensure efficient processes for incoming goods and storage in the future. Our goal is to further increase the speed of storage and to avoid additional costs.

To guarantee the correct classification of delivered goods and to guarantee an efficient incoming goods process, compliance with the guideline is mandatory. In this way, you save precious time and avoid unwanted expenses resulting from an inadmissible notification of goods.

The odc delivery guideline applies from 1st March 2019 and is binding for all deliveries of goods as a supplementary agreement to our fulfillment contracts. If you have any questions regarding the odc delivery policy, please write to

Please, click to download the delivery guideline.